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November 4, 2013
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Author's Note: You might want to read the description before reading if you don't remember who some characters are.  ^.^

“Fuyumi…” You muttered softly. “I don’t think this is a great idea.”

“Nonsense! You’re part of the family now; you should meet the rest of the family.” Fuyumi replied brightly.

“Well I’m not technically part of the family; Shudo isn’t actually my brother…” You said, referring to Fuyumi’s husband. Fuyumi furrowed her brows at you.

“Well, I don’t care! Shudo loves you like a sister, and I do too. Now come on! You’re meeting them!”

You couldn’t help but grin at Fuyumi’s stubbornness as she pulled you into the Ootori mansion. She really was a great friend.

As soon as you entered the mansion, you regretted it. There were four men and one woman at the end of the hallway, and they were all staring at you. The men were all tall, with dark hair and dark eyes, and the woman was too, and they were all dressed immaculately. You felt extremely out of place in your jeans and t-shirt; you chose to dress for comfort, even though your family was well-enough off and you could dress nicer if you chose to.

Fuyumi, sensing your discomfort, made the introductions quick:  you first shook her father’s hand, who did not look very pleased to meet you; you then shook Yuuichi’s, Fuyumi’s older brother’s hand, and Akito, Fuyumi’s other older brother’s hand. Fuyumi’s mother was a bit kinder, she gave you a warm smile as she shook your hand, and lastly, you shook Kyoya’s hand, who was Fuyumi’s favorite brother.

You felt the most comfortable near him, perhaps it was because he was closer to your age, or perhaps it was because he didn’t tower over you quite as much as his brothers, but you just liked him best. That might have just been because he was Fuyumi’s favorite sibling, but after you pulled your hand away from his, you couldn’t explain why it felt cold and lonely.

Inside your head you were facepalming; you couldn’t like one of her brothers! Not one of the famous Ootori’s. I mean sure, you were really good friends with Fuyumi, but Fuyumi wasn’t like the rest of her family; she and her mother were a lot kinder. Even as this thought was running through your head, you couldn’t help the tiny smile from slipping onto your face when Kyoya shot you a very, very small smile.


That was the first time you had met Kyoya, and it was the beginning of your friendship. You honestly weren’t sure how it happened, as he seemed like the type to avoid people when not necessary, but he and you had a bond, and you would now come over to the Ootori mansion on the weekends and spend time with him.

Except of course, that most of the time you were there consisted of you putting salves on his bruises and bandages on the scrapes he got from “falling down the stairs”. You weren’t stupid, you knew what his father would do; hell, he had done it in front of you before!

“Kyo,” You started one Saturday after spending a good hour tending to his many fresh bruises. “Why do you let him do this to you?” It broke your heart every time he would take off his shirt and point to a new bruise. Kyoya shrugged and looked away from you.

You sighed before you gently grabbed his face and turned it to face you. You then started dabbing medicine on his cheek; usually his father avoided his face or areas where he couldn’t hide the injuries, but apparently he had slipped and left this one.

When you finished cleaning the wounds and had put the medical supplies away, you tilted your head down to look at him, as he was lying on his bed in his room, and you were sitting on the edge, near his head.

“So, what do you want to do now?” You asked curiously. It wasn’t too late so you didn’t need to go home yet, and you wanted to hang out with him more.

“Actually, do you mind if I try something?” Kyoya asked while sitting up. You nodded slowly, and Kyoya smirked before telling you to close your eyes. You did so reluctantly, wondering what he was going to do, when you felt one if his hands thread itself in your hair, and the other wrap around your waist and pull you closer to him.

You opened your eyes in surprise, just in time to see Kyoya leaning and pressing his lips to yours. You gasped in surprise as his lips hit yours, causing him to open his lovely gray eyes and smirk at you, before he slid his own eyes closed and held you tightly to him. His lips pressed ever so gently against your own, and your hands found their way around his neck before tugging him slightly closer, earning a soft chuckle from him.

When your lungs began to scream for air you reluctantly pulled away, and looked at Kyoya. You were still surprised that he had done that, you didn’t think that he liked you in that way.

“I do like you, you know.” Kyoya said suddenly, as if reading your thoughts. You smiled at him, before leaning in once more and giving him a slow, gentle kiss. When you pulled away for the second time, Kyoya was giving you one of his rare smiles, so gentle and sweet it made your heart melt.

“Thank you __y/n__, for everything.”

End. <3

I do not own Ouran High School Host Club or any of its characters, all rights go to their rightful owners. I also do not own the picture, again all rights go to their rightful owners.

So, I feel like this sucked and was really confusing. ;-;  But here's a little thing to hopefully help you:
Fuyumi Ootori: Kyoya's older sister, is married to a man who's surname is Shudo, but I changed that to be his first name because he kinda needed one in this
Shudo: Fuyumi's husband, and in this story, the reader was either kind of adopted by his family or just really close friends with him, and the reader then became friends with Fuyumi, hence Fuyumi introducing the reader to her family
Yuuichi and Akito Ootori: Both Kyoya's older brothers
Hopefully that helped a little bit? I dunno.

This sucked omf I'm so sorry to :iconkhfan12: and :iconthehattersdomain: who both drew/are drawing something for me and asked for a Kyoya X Reader. Also, sorry once more to :iconkhfan12:, it's not very Tomboy!Reader, I'm sorry.  ;-;


One other thing: I don't know what time period this is set in, it could be during the anime's time period, it could be before, it could be after; I dunno. 

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