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January 30
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“Benny, no. Stop giving me that face.” You said flatly, not taking your eyes off your computer screen.

“But __y/n__!” Benny whined childishly, poking his head between you and your laptop. “You never go out, let’s go do something fun!”

“But the internet is fun!” You complained, wriggling away from his body, escaping under your blankets, your laptop clutched to your body.

“__y/n__!” Benny grumbled, tugging your blankets off your body and snatching your laptop out of your arms. He placed it on your desk, before striding back over to you, sitting cross-legged on your bed.

His mouth pulled down in a frowny half pout, his eyebrows knitted together, his expression forming into one of utter sadness.

“Please __y/n__?” Benny tried again.

“No.” You responded, eyes flitting away from his face, unable to bear his expression.

Benny got closer to your face, lips quivering slightly in a final attempt to get you to leave the house.

Your eyes flicked back to his face for half a second, and that was all it took.

You crumbled then, eyes flashing downward in defeat.

“…Fine.” You muttered, and Benny cheered, hand closing around your wrist, dragging you out of your room.

“Bye Mrs. __l/n__!” Benny called as he pulled you out the front door and you offered her a wave and a quick smile as you left.

“Where are we going?” You asked through your laughter as you and Benny bounded down the sidewalk, hands intertwined.

“How about a movie?” Benny tossed back, glancing at you for a moment.

“Sounds good to me.” You responded, smile spreading across your face.


You jumped, tightening your grip on Benny’s arm.

Benny had chosen a horror movie, and while you loved horror movies, it was fucking terrifying in a loud, dark theater.

Benny chuckled at you, before he froze as you nuzzled your head into his shoulder.

Benny liked you, in more than just a friend way, and while you clutching onto him was okay, you being that close to him sent his thoughts whirling.

You didn’t notice Benny’s discomfort, instead just pulled your head away from his shoulder slightly, turning your head and focusing your attention back on the movie.

Benny got over his shock after a few moments, his arm going cautiously around your shoulders.

You looked over and blinked at him, but settled into his body, head nestling deeper into his shoulder. A sigh of relief escaped his lips, and he smiled, arm tightening around your body gently.

You were extremely happy that you decided to get off the internet, especially when Benny pressed a quick kiss to your lips after he walked you home a few hours later.

End.  <3

I do not own My Babysitter's A Vampire or any of its characters, all rights go to their rightful owners. I also do not own the picture, again all rights go to their rightful owners.

Kind of request for :iconcrazyduncanfangirl:, I know you wanted something kinda sexual but GAH I COULDN'T THINK OF THINGS SO YOU GOT FLUFF INSTEAD

Sorry if he's super out of character or things don't make sense, basically Benny and reader-chan are really good friends who have crushes on each other, I CAN'T EXPLAIN

I have a friend who uses his puppy dog face all the time, and he used it a lot today, thus this was born  :3


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